Raw materials of this paragraph are needful to realize ice cream with
Every recipe you can find in the recipe book has been tested by the use of the following listed products. Therefore you are requested to respect each raw material traits looking at their cost,
refering to our ice-cream shop buying.


Vaccine milk at 3.5% fats (whole milk) €. 0,83
Fresh double cream at 35% fats Price €. 2,48
Neutral margarine at 80% fats Price €. 1,01
Skimmed powdered milk* Price €. 3,10
Whey proteins* Price €. 1,81
Dextrose* Price €. 0,88
Saccharose (Sugar)* Price €. 0,72
Neutral (dosage 5 gr. a .) Price €. 11,36
Hazel-nut paste Price €. 6,71/10,33
Powdered cocoa 22/24% Price €. 3,10
Butter mass cocoa at 100% Price €. 7,49

* Recipe has been worked out and tested without using whey proteins too because they aren't easy to be found. We advise you to use them, when it's possible, in 40% in seite of powdered milk.Whey proteins will make your ice-cream more creamy and soft. Market price is lower than for powdered milk, so you can gain an higher saving.
* Base recipes may be realized using other sugars too as like as sugar syrup, glucose, maltose, fructose, invert sugar. Our recipe book foresees dextrose and saccharose use only because practicality is required in an ice-cream shop.
* You can find on the market some products based on powdered milk, but they contains a sugar part (like saccharose) too; you must be sure of using skimmed powdered milk only.

However we inform you that we can provide you with not avaliable products or with too expensive ones.
If you need more information or if you want to ask for some products, please don't hesitate to contact us at the below address.

The following table shows every kilo mixture base cost in .


High Quality

Good Quality



Catania 0,95 *0,69(-0,03) 0,88 *0,53 (-0,03)
Cagliari 1,00 *0,70(-0,04) 0,91 *0,55(-0,04)
Palermo 1,00 *0,70(-0,04) 0,94 *0,57(-0,04)
Firenze 1,01 *0,78(-0,05) 0,97 *0,59(-0,05)
Roma 1,07 *0,84(-0,05) 0,97 *0,60(-0,05)
Venezia 1,11 *0,59(-0,04) 0,98 *0,61(-0,05)
Siena 1,10 *0,89(-0,04) 0,96 *0,59(-0,05)
Pisa 1,08 *0,87(-0,04) 0,94 *0,57(-0,04)
* marked prices indicate you can gain a further saving if you replace a part of dehydrated milk (max 40-50%) by whey proteins.

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